Capt. AmericaMany of you probably weren’t familiar with Captain America since he was created back in March of 1941 during WWII.  But thanks to the movies, he’s now back at the forefront of superheroes.  Thank goodness!

The superhero’s alter ego was Steve Rogers, a fragile guy who was transformed into the larger-than-life Captain America by drinking an experimental serum, invented to help America in the war effort — and he is often shown fighting the “bad guys” (in this case, the “Axis” – Germany, Italy and Japan).

Making him so time-specific turned out to be a bad move on the part of the publisher, Marvel Comics, because after the war Captain America’s popularity diminished to the point where the comic was discontinued in the 1950s.

These are officially licensed Captain America™ costumes.

Captain America Movie CostumeBut, we should be happy that the powers that be brought him back in the 2011 movie, Captain America: The First Avenger.  The film became a huge success and has grossed an estimated $370,569,774 million worldwide, which should make the folks over at Paramount pretty happy since they distributed the film.

These Captain America costumes are taken from the film, and there is a wide variety to choose from (in all sizes).

Captain America costume
If you prefer the more traditional version of this costume, that is available, too.  It looks like the one on the left and is a much more affordable price.  They look very similar, but this one is made of less expensive “stuff” so you can decide if that’s important to you or not.

There are also a variety of sizes available for children & toddlers (and girls!).

If you’d like to see all the Captain America costumes available, check them out.  There are also quite a few accessories available to be sold separately, like the shield, boots and gloves.  So, if you want to try to create the costume on your own, you can do it!