Charlie Sheen Mask

Well, we know all about Charlie Sheen now, don’t we?  He’s been living on the wild side for years, and it all culminated in a major crash and burn in some people’s opinion.  Others believe Charlie is the very picture of “WINNING.”

“I have a different brain; I have a different heart; I got tiger blood, man.”

Absolutely nothing delusional about that, right?  If you’d like to walk in Charlie’s shoes (or at least in his face) here you go…a Charlie Sheen mask.  Go for it.

It you want to go for the whole Charlie Sheen “look” you can’t get the tee, hat, wig or “Winning” sunglasses also.

Charlie Sheen Accessories

Sheen Winning Hat
Charlie Sheen Sunglasses
Charlie Sheen Wig
Sheen T-Shirt

This is an officially licensed Charlie Sheen product.

For affordable options, a Charlie Sheen masks — complete with mischievous grin. The self-proclaimed warlock is also easy to imitate with tousled hair, black-framed glasses and a simple T‑shirt and jeans.