Christmas costumes

To many people around the world, this is the most special of all holidays. In addition to the “reason for the season” Christmas gives family and friends a reason to get together, have some eggnog and give each other gifts and an extra dose of love.snowman

I remember as a young child when my grandma dressed up like Santa. As a wee child it never occurred to me that “Santa” looked just like her, only with a beard! I have some film converted to DVD of that event, and it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

So, here’s your chance to create those kinds of memories for your kids. Couples can dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, or your prankster friend can come in a Grinch costume…or as an elf! Below are just a few of the Christmas costumes available from Amazon. Check them out and then click on the button below each costume description to check the best prices from Amazon. (Or, give the Gift of Amazon Prime!)


Classic Santa Costume

Classic Santa

When we were growing up, this is what we pictured when we thought of Santa.   It helped that every movie ever made with Santa Claus had him dressed like this.

So, this is the costume to get if you want to “be Santa” this Christmas — for your kids or for fun!

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Mrs. Santa Clause Costume

 Mrs. Claus

This is the “upscale” version of Mrs. Claus.  It’s velvet as you would expect, and if you want the wig and glasses those are available as well. To get the best bargain costume, click on the “Best Value” link below.

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Baby Santa Costume

Baby Santa

Surely you don’t think Santa Claus was born fully grown!  No, no.  Grandma Claus started her wee babe out early by preparing him to take on his important role later in life!

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Baby Snowman Costume

Baby Snowman

This is one of the cutest Christmas costumes for infants. It’s an adorable design plus it will keep your wee one nice and toasty warm.

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Or you can check out all of your choices for a cute baby “snowperson” (ha!) costume here.

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Baby Reindeer Costume

Baby Reindeer

Even without the “Rudolph” nose, this costume is a cutie. All young children know the story of Santa and his flying reindeer, so your child will certainly love to be one of them!

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Baby Elf Costume

Baby Elf

Santa always needs his little helpers, and this cute costume will help make your baby feel like he’s part of Santa’s crew!

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Here are some other “Christmas Related” costumes you may like!


Scrooge Costume

Scrooge Costume

Elf Movie

Will Ferrell costume from Elf Movie

Elf Movie Costume


Grinch Who Stole Christmas Costume

Grinch Costume

Young Mrs. Claus

Sexy Mrs. Claus CostumeCheck this price on Amazon

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier Costume

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Dog Santa

You know we had to have one of these!

Santa Dog Costume

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