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While we may no longer stroll down Fifth Avenue in our Easter bonnets, we still like to dress up for the occasion in our best Easter Costume.

Whether it’s dressing your kids up like a cute little Easter bunny or staging your favorite church play, celebrating

Easter is one of the best times of the year. Along with Christmas, it is the most significant of the Christian holidays and is celebrated widely throughout the world.

In 21st Century America, Easter is synonymous with gaily ribboned baskets filled with (cooked!) eggs in colorful shells, candy and toys brought to children by the Easter Bunny.  Typically, the eggs are hidden for children to find and add to their baskets.


The Easter Bunny

Cute Easter Bunny Costume

Sweet Easter Bunny Costume

The story of the Easter Bunny as we know it today seems to have started in Germany way back in the 1600s, when the Germans made the first edible bunnies.  They were brought to America by German immigrants to settled in the “Pennsylvania Dutch” section of the country.

The legend, more or less, accepted as the origin of the Easter Bunny is that it was associated with the equinox festival that predated present-day Easter. The Saxons devoted the entire month of April to celebrating Easter, their goddess of spring and fertility, who was known to carry around a hare with her, which was the symbol of fertility and rebirth — in other words, the season of Spring.

Easter Eggs

We’re not really sure how the tradition of coloring hard-cooked eggs began, although it seems to have also begun by the Germans who created the egg-laying bunny in the 1800s.

So When Exactly Is Easter?!

Tricky question.  The date for Easter changes each year. It’s based on a confusing set of rules, which I find much to complicated to understand.  Just do a Google search and you can find out the exact date every year.

Talk about your fancy Easter eggs, though.  Nothing can top the beautiful Fabergé eggs, created by a young Russian jeweler named Peter Carl Fabergé