I found a great new site that has all kinds of information on face painting.  It’s called “Best Face Painting Ideas” and, in addition to helpful info about face painting safety and tips for buying face paint, it includes reviews of the top face painting kits.  It’s worth a look!

Whether you want to try face painting for Halloween,  Easter, Christmas or any holiday, here are some great ideas to get you started.Who  It’s fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

Pumpkin Face PaintPumpkin Face – This one is easy. Just paint your face bright orange, and draw the eyes, nose and mouth to suit the look you want. It looks best if you make the pumpkin a bright orange. Do yourself a favor and sketch in the design before you start painting.
RECOMMENDED PAINTS: Orange | Yellow | Green | Black



Skull Face Paint

Skull Face Painting

Skull Face – To do a skull right, it’s got to cover the whole face. Your base coat, of course, will be white. The lips look cool in red, but most people choose to draw in the creepy teeth. If you want to go for the vampire skull look, draw in the fangs and add a teardrop of red near the tip of each one. The teardrop should be the color of blood. Smoky gray or black works best for the eye cavities.
RECOMMENDED PAINTS: Black | White | Gray (Red)

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More Ideas!

Cat Makeup Kit
Cat Makeup Kit

Includes: Color Wheel, Pencil, Brush, Powder, Puff, 3 Wedges, Instructions.

Werewolf Makeup Kit
Werewolf Makeup Kit

Includes: Color Wheel, 2 Strips, Adhesive, Pencil, Brush, Powder, Puff, 3 Wedges, Instructions.

Metal Mania Gold Makeup Kit
Metal Mania Gold
Makeup Kit

Includes: Cosmetic powdered gold, Magic Set, and sponge.

Other Face Painting Ideas (See all face painting kits here.)

Face Painting Idea Pirate Face Paint Face Painting Idea
Cat Face Paint
Blue face paint Zombie makeup
Face painting
Face Painting Idea  Face Painting Idea


You can paint your own face if you like, but it’s not easy. Better to have a friend or family member do it for you.

Don’t forget to wash the paint off your face before you go to sleep.