Family Guy has been a popular fan favorite for years.  They got booted from TV by Fox after the first couple of seasons, but the shows ever-increasing fan base when it was shown in reruns on the Cartoon Network (and simultaneous release of the first two seasons on DVD) caused Fox to reconsider, and they ordered a third season.  Smart move.  As of this writing, it’s in its 15th season!

Official Family Guy™ licensed costumes

Family Guy Stewie Costume


Ah, Stewie. What a pain in the neck this guy is. Although he’s supposedly an infant, everything he says and does reeks of diabolical villain. I mean, the guy keeps trying to oft his Mother, for goodness sake! In other words, a perfect costume for Halloween, the eve of bad guys. (You can also get just the mask if you’d rather.)

Stewis Costume

Family Guy Dog Brian Costume


OK, we know that dogs don’t do the things that Brian does. Brian was the main focus of the first season finale of Family Guy. In that episode poor Brian was entered in a dog show so the family could get the money for an air conditioner (when Brian supposedly wins the show) — which doesn’t go so well when Brian ends up at the pound on “death row.” But all ends well, so don’t despair. Check out the Brian the Dog mask.

Stewis Costume

Peter Griffin Family Guy Costume

Peter Griffin Costume

The head honcho. Family guy. Big Kahuna. Or not. Peter, Lois and the kids. Sounds like the quintessential American family. Peter is considered a loser in 21st Century America. Not because he’s a bumbler, and not because he’s a blue-collar worker. And not because he’s Irish Catholic. It’s because he’s just kind of d’oh…

Stewis Costume


Peter Griffin mask

Peter Griffin Mask

If you’d like to be Peter – heaven knows why — then by all means get this great mask, which is a perfect reproduction of the animated Peter.

Stewis Costume