Isn’t it the most fun holiday of the year?

Wicked Witch CostumeWith all the costumes and masks and make-up and fake body parts available these days, it’s almost impossible not to choose a Halloween costume that perfectly suits your style.

Want to be the hit of the party.  Do your kids want to win the “best costume” award at their school?

It’s easy enough to find tips on how to apply ghoulish makeup, stage blood or fake arms, but finding the perfect costume is what you should go for.

Since virtually any costume can be a “Halloween” costume, the best way to find the one that’s perfect for you is to either check the categories in the menu above or do a quick search.  You’re sure to find one that’s just perfect for you.

And don’t forget your house! They get almost as much attention as they do at Christmas these days. Whether it’s decorating with a dozen creatively carved pumpkins or a superbly scary coffin, they will all look great. Create a cemetery scene for the front yard and your spooky atmosphere will be complete.

Lighting is key to any overall decorating scheme. Strobe lights, spotlights and candles all help create the ideal look: sinister, scary and just a little unnerving. But don’t forget to use plenty of props. Flying bats, garish ghosts (try attaching those to a drone to scare the crap out of everyone!) and scary skeletons are a must for creating that Halloween look. Add sound effects and you now have an entire Hollywood movie set at your home address.

Exchanging gifts is another Halloween practice that is rapidly becoming a new tradition. Neighbors can pick out decorations to use around the house. A Teddy Bear wearing its own little costume is just right for the little ones. The whole family will have great fun picking out the perfect gift.

Complete the Halloween festivities with some delicious snacks that are reserved for the family. Creepy cookies, horrible ham dishes and more are all ghoulishious at this time of year. Exercise your culinary creativity while someone else takes care of the dreadful decorations.

Halloween is now one big party on block after block, in neighborhood after neighborhood. Everyone gets into the fun spirit of the day with costumes at work and parties at night. The goodies overflow the plate and even a fine wine fits right in with the celebration of All Hallow’s Eve.

Give some thought to how you want to create your character, spruce up your home and fill your table with food and drink. You’ll find it’s easy and lots of fun.

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You’ll find dozens of unique ideas for that perfect design befitting the occasion.  Just pick your favorite character, order the outfit securely online and be the center of attention at any Halloween party or parade!