Iron Man CostumeIron Man is primarily known as the Marvel comic book hero, I came to know him through the recent fantastic movies, starring Robert Downey, Jr. as our hero – whose real identity is Tony Stark.

The whole world now knows about Tony Stark’s double life as a wealthy inventor and the armored superhero known as Iron Man.

The first film was surprisingly well received by the film critics, who usually crucify these superhero-type movies. That should tell you something about what a good job the filmmakers did with it.Iron Man Comic

As the name implies, Iron Man has a super cool, uber set of armor that gives him his strenth, the ability to fly and a variety of weapons. On thing that makes him a little different than other superheroes is that Stark is not the only one who has worn the armor over the years. I can’t imagine Batman giving up his mask and cape any time soon, can you?

These costumes are available in all sizes, so just check out the whole selection.  They are all versions of the Iron Man costume, including Patriot and Avengers versions.

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These costumes also includes the LED lights for extra special effects.

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And, of course, the comics and movies, too!

Iron Man comic - Vol 1

Iron Man Comics

Iron Man Film Collection

Iron Man Films

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