Johnny Depp is amazing in the gangster movie, Public Enemies. He plays John Dillinger, one bad mudder bank robber back in the 1930’s.  If you want to find out the whole sordid tale you can find it here.  Although Johnny made him look kind of glamorous and sexy, he really was just a gangster scumbag who killed a lot of people and took a bunch of money that wasn’t his.

One thing Dillinger (the guy and the movie) did give us, however, are these great costumes.  Perfect for Halloween or any theme party where gangsta wear is appropriate.

John Dillinger Gangster Costume Here’s the trailer for it…


Known for his ruthless behavior, murdering lots of people along the way, he quickly became the FBI’s most wanted bad guy in America. Although many people admired Dillinger and thought him a current day Robin Hood, he was really just a dangerous criminal, out for himself. John Dillinger - Bad Guy!
Johnny Depp in Public Enemies DVD
This is the film I mentioned above. Public Enemies. This is the DVD, but it is also available now in a two-disc Special Edition if you’re a die hard Johnny Depp fan!

If you want to see the whole selection of gangster costumes, you can find them here.