Lady Gaga Costume

Gaga is Very Unpredictable

Over the years Lady Gaga (or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, if you want to get real about it) has had so many different costumes and “looks” and personas that it’s tough to keep up.

From her early black hair days to now, she has evolved and re-evolved.  When people think they have her nailed down, she just changes again. I like that.  It keeps it interesting.  But the blond looks better.

Believe it or not, Gaga started off by recording a couple of tandem hip-hop songs for a children’s audio book.  She even formed her own band (ever heard of the SGBand?).

After she was signed, then dropped by the Def Jam label she licked her wounds and then teamed up with Lady Starlight, who helped her create her “persona” for the stage.  It worked.  Obviously.

This is one versatile lady.  Not enough to be a massively successful music star, she has now ventured into acting with American Horror Story (AHS) and Muppets Most Wanted, as well as the 2017 release of the remake of “A Star is Born.” She also sometimes produces under the name Stefani Germanotta.  And in her public outings, she is shifting to classically gorgeous dresses.

There are many more Lady Gaga costumes than we can cover here, but we’ll show you a few, and you can view them all by visiting here on the Amazon website.

Gaga Costumes

Black Sequins

Lady Gaga Black & White Costume

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The “Meat” Dress

Gaga Meat Costum

Okay, this isn’t what it
looked like, but people will
get the idea and
certainly remember it.

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Emmy Dress

Lady Gaga Emmy Costume

Remember this outfit that
she wore to the Emmy Awards
one year? Gorgeous!

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White Sequin

Gaga White Sequin Dress
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Gaga Prison Costume

Gaga Prison Costume

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VMA Awards

VMA Award Gaga Costume

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Gaga Wigs

Needless to say that is a HUGE variety of Lady Gaga hairstyle wigs and accessories available. Here are a few:

Blond with Bow

Blond Bow

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Two-Tone Wig

Lady Gaga 2-tone wig

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Classic Blond

Classic Blond Gaga Wig

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There are a bunch more Lady Gaga
wigs to choose from here