Merida from the movie Brave

Merida from Brave

Brave is a movie from the folks at Pixar, who always give us such wonderful family entertainment.  And this is one of their best efforts as far as giving young girls an image of a strong and self-assured young lady.

It takes place in the highlands of Scotland during the 10th century.  Merida, the main character, is given a bow for her birthday by her Dad, King Fergus of the DunBroch clan.  Of course, way back then, girls weren’t supposed to do things like shoot bow and arrows.  But since Merida was a free-spirited girl she did it anyway.

The film follows Merida through her youth and in her effort to be seen as an equal she gives her mother, Queen Elinor, a magic cake which transforms her into a bear and brings a curse to her family.  Oops!  You’ll have to see the movie to find out what happens next.  But, hey, it is a Disney film so you shouldn’t be surprised when all ends well.


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