Oktoberfest Costumes!Oktoberfest is upon us!  Ja!

This 16-day festival, held in Munich, Germany, every year is the LARGEST world’s fair. Something I’ll bet you didn’t know is that the first Oktoberfest marked Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese.  It was such a hit that it evolved into an annual celebration of German food and culture.

Although the original festival is in Munich, millions of people around the world have begun holding their own Oktoberfest parties, complete with costumes.

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Oktoberfest Recipes

In addition to the traditional sausages and pretzels, party goers use the excuse of Oktoberfest! to drink large amounts of beer. And, why not enjoy yourself I say! (Always, drinking responsibly, of course…or at least getting a sober designated driver before you get snockered…)

If you are looking for a couple of good recipes to try for Oktoberfest, here you go!

Oktoberfest Costumes

Have a look at the fun Oktoberfest costumes below and choose your favorites. Hey, what the heck, they also make great Halloween costumes! Prost! Zum Wohl! And Cheers!


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All Womens Plus Size Oktoberfest Costumes

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Oktoberfest Costumes

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