Official Superman CostumesSuperman First Edition

Superman is the original superhero to many of us.

These great Superman costumes(fully authorized by ©DC Comics for accuracy) bring back memories of either the TV shows based on this classic comic book character or all those Superman films with the late Christopher Reeve. Some will even be recalling the most recent Superman film, post-Chris Reeve.

With fists of iron and nerves of steel. Faster than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings and all that. Always had girls sighing and wringing their hands over the dude. What guy doesn’t want to be Superman? Well, here’s your chance. And who says you can only use this Superman costume on Halloween? Heh, heh.

Superman’s popularity has never decreased, as proven when a rare copy of the first comic book featuring Superman sold for $317,200 in an Internet auction in early 2009.

Seinfeld even made sure to get a Superman reference in a bunch of episodes of his popular TV series. (JERRY: I think Superman probably has a very good sense of humor. JERRY (to Kramer): If only you could put your mind to something worthwhile. You’re like Lex Luthor. JERRY (to George) You know, this is how they negotiate in the bizarro world.) Well, you get the idea. Superman has been popular since he first donned those blue tights and red cape.

Supreme Superman Muscle Chest Adult Costume
Superman Muscle Chest
Adult Costume
Superman Returns Masks (8 count)
Superman Masks (8 count)
Clark Kent Glasses
Clark Kent Glasses
Superman Baby (0-9 Months) Costume
Superman Baby Costume

Supergirl Too!

Supergirl Deluxe 1-Piece Adult Costume
Supergirl Deluxe Adult Costume

These are officially licensed Superman™ and ©DC Comics costumes.